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Since 2011 in the furniture market, Belizze has in its DNA the concern to produce and deliver quality products. During this period we changed many things, but our commitment to quality continues to be our differential. Manufactured in 100% MDF and with the highest quality components.

The concern with the environment and sustainability is a reality in our business and that is why we buy MDF sheets from suppliers that have FSC (Forestry Stewardship Council) certification, a forest management certification that seeks to contribute to the proper use of natural resources.

Investments in innovation, design of new products, industrial park and our team of employees are also factors that contribute to our growth and development. SURPRISE YOURSELF WITH BELIZZE.


Producing quality furniture allied to technology, innovation and creativity that contribute to making our consumer's daily life easier, making their environment more beautiful, pleasant and comfortable, generating the necessary profit for the growth of the company, team of employees and communities where we operate.


To be a brand recognized for quality, innovation and creativity in furniture manufacturing throughout the southern region of Brazil.


Ethics, honesty and integrity;
Dedication, persistence and passion;
Quality of our products and services;
Respect for everyone, inside and outside the company;
Accountability in all decisions.